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What makes Turkish towels so special

Turkish towels are made of organic Turkish cotton in handwoven looms and what makes them fluffy is woven in the middle with a looped pile section.

The fibers of Turkish cotton are long and naturally narrow in diameter, which means more threads can fit into the peshtemal towel per square inch.

Advantages that make Turkish towels so special;

* Eco-friendly

* Highly absorbent

* Dry quickly – It dries in five to ten minutes.

* Light Weight – Weigh of a beach towel sized peshtemal is around 300 grams

* Cover less place in your bag or suitcase. Suitable for traveling.

* Thinner than standard towels.

* Easy to leave the sand at the beach.

* Unisex

* Big enough to cover you up thus a Turkish beach towel can be used as sarong/pareo.

* Also can be used as scarves or shawls with eclectic textures and colors.

* Get softer when it is washed

* Made by local artisans in their homes

The most important advantages of Turkish towels are highly absorbent, quick-drying, and lightness.

Where do you use Turkish towels?

While doing training, yoga, pilates at the gym, sunbathing and drying on the beach, Also you can use at:







Massage Room

Outdoor Sports

What other are Turkish towels used for?



Bath Mat

Table Runner

Armchair cover

Wall hanging

How to wash Turkish towels?

The Turkish cotton towel keeps the condition when washed in warm water. The detergent should use as little as possible quantity and rinsed with water properly to remove all residues.

Can you put/dry Turkish towels in the dryer?

It can be dried tumble dry with medium or low heat so the threads are kept in their original condition for a long time.